Introduction & Invitation (May 15)

Bob is bullish: “Congratulations. I’m already a fan and new subscriber of your blog. The snappy prose has an infectious quality and the focus on Agile Aging is most welcome as I klutz my way forward.”

Bearish Chuck is not convinced: “Why would we be interested in something about growing old?”

Ben recommends: “To me, the most interesting aspect of the blog would be to focus on seniors engaging in public affairs, mentorship and support, and contributing to social justice.”

Retirement (May 31)

Here’s Mike on “Three things I’ve learned since retirement:

  • Aging begins when planning turns into recollection.
  • With age, what is unknowable becomes more interesting than what is knowable.
  • Memoirs written for grandchildren become useful aides for recalling one’s life before retirement.”

John confides: “My retirement let-down lasted about a month. I think more than anything, it was a subtle state of confusion. That might have just been mental necessity to adhere to a schedule, and shouldn’t I be busy and doing something? Now [hobbies and house renovations] can create problems for me. But those are actually a pleasure compared to working.”

Senior Travel (June 15)

From Sharon: “Loved the story of the oranges. I actually felt I was sitting with you and Nancy right there in Riverside. Through you, I’m honoring my aging ways and reflections. New choices, compassion and acceptance.”

And from Chip: “The Mission Inn sidebar was a neat example of life-long learning. I bet you’re not the only senior Southern Californian who didn’t know the Inn’s history; or even its existence. We should all go and visit!”

Bibby shared a half-dozen insights from her own senior travel: “We just returned from a 10-day cruise of the Baltic. We walked 6-8 miles a day, saw historical buildings, sought out parks and gardens to renew our spirits, farmers’ markets to taste what was in season. But it was exhausting. The best is to go somewhere and stay at least 3 nights. Get to know the local birds and insect night songs. Figure out neighborhood shortcuts and locate pastry shops. Having water nearby to swim in, walk by or listen to is a must. It will be my last cruise: too much stimulation, not enough time to savor and way too polluting. Staycations will be my planned-for vacations from now on.”